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Knowledge is power.  Information is liberating.

Kofi Annan


Crisis Management

The above-quoted statement is true in many arenas, but none more so than the world of brand assurance and protection.  Especially if a possible crisis or issue is looming on the horizon, it is vital that you are aware of the ebb and flow of pertinent public opinion and media coverage.  In the digital age in which we live, this is especially important because every person with Internet connectivity has the potential to reach millions of members of your organization’s audiences and other members of the general public.  Using publicly-available resources and proprietary software that “listens” on a variety of social media sites and other media-related locations, AIM ensures that you are aware of “who is saying what” about your brand and that you and AIM are accordingly able, in relation to every possible “hot button issue” that does or may exist, to make informed decisions that best protect and enhance your brand.

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