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Success depends upon previous preparation, and, without such preparation, there is sure to be failure. 



(Plan Development, Implementation & Training) 

Crisis Management

A crisis communications plan addresses public perception of a crisis and includes communications-related measures intended to safeguard your organization’s reputation and brand.  The implementation of a complete crisis communications plan helps to ensure that, when the inevitable crisis does arise, every member of your team understands his or her own role and knows both the chain of command and the chain of communication.  The plan likewise ensures that appropriate levels of your organization’s leadership are involved in formulating the substance of the crisis-related communications and in delivering that message to the media and the public.  Once implemented, it is imperative that a plan be and remain dynamic and evolving.  The continuing evolution of digital communication and social media technologies guarantees that the passing of each year will bring about both useful new tools and daunting new challenges in the universe of crises and crises communications. 

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