Bill Curry – a two-time Super Bowl Champion, NFLPA President, NCAA Coach of the Year, and ESPN analyst – understands the inner workings of the sports and media industries like no outsider ever could.  There is no category of crisis that Bill has not encountered.  Jeff Battcher – a two-sport college athlete and former ABC affiliate sports anchor – has  overseen media relations and crisis communications for some of  the largest corporations in the world.  Pete Wellborn – a quarterback and linebacker in college – offers the unique perspective of an attorney with a practice focus that for twenty years has included media relations, digital communications, and sports law.  

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AIM is honored to have as members of its Advisory Board some of the brightest, most experienced, and best-known figures in the sports and media industries.  These men and women consult regularly with AIM’s leadership regarding a variety of issues and trends that impact the course of  both substantive operations and media relations for AIM’s clients.  In client-matters that involve an Advisor’s particular area of expertise, the Advisor is available at the client’s discretion to serve as a consultant, providing the best available knowledge and experience to achieve optimal outcomes.  

Co-Creator of “2 Live Stews;” Former NCAA and NFL athlete

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Former Head Basketball Coach at Davidson College and the Univ of Virginia (winningest coach in program history); Former Athletic Director at Davidson College, Univ of Virginia and East Carolina Univ

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Co-creator of “2 Live Stews,” one of the most successful sports talk offering in radio history; Former NCAA athlete

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Founder and Former CEO of Bluechip Athletic Solutions, the premier provider of compliance and recruiting-related software and services to NCAA member institutions

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Ryan Stewart

"2 Live Stews"

Terry Holland

NCAA Coach & AD

Doug Stewart

"2 Live Stews"

Steve Kennedy


Bluechip Athletic Solutions