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I can think of nothing we need more in the sports world right now. Over more than a decade, we at “Mike & Mike“ and our audience have come to know and trust Bill Curry as a voice of wisdom, experience, and sanity in a sports world that often feels as though it has spiraled completely out of control. I am thrilled to hear the details of AIM.

Mike Greenberg, ESPN's “Mike & Mike”

AIM’s training session provided a truly rare combination of meaningful education and profoundly effective motivation. Our athletes came away with a deeper understanding of how to manage their presence on social media, how to engage with news media and how to protect themselves and their personal brands against costly mistakes. This practical advice was coupled with guidance from legendary coach Bill Curry, who inspired our athletes to become greater – greater teammates, greater leaders and greater individuals.

Michael Massik, Executive Director, National Strength & Conditioning Association

Former CEO, USA Weightlifting

As I listened to Bill Curry, I was awestruck. He is the entire package. Not only does he command the attention of the room with his engaging and captivating style, but he has a wealth of knowledge and experience that make his words and messages come alive..

Dr. Sara Hickman, NFL Manager of Player Development

Whenever I am responsible for finding a speaker who will inspire an audience to do more for others, to be better citizens, to stand up for justice, Bill Curry is the person I call on. He speaks to the heart of his audience.

Rich Lapchick, President, National Consortium for Academics & Sports

Bill Curry’s ability to connect with people and have an impact is undeniable. Whenever he is a guest on our show, “Mike & Mike,“ the positive reaction to his “words of wisdom“ from our 28 million weekly listeners is by far second to none. On a personal note, Bill is on the level of my father as figures I respect. I would listen to any teaching or coaching words he has to say.
Mike Golic, ESPN's “Mike & Mike”

Kennesaw State University’s Athletic Association has found the resources and expertise available at AIM to be an immeasurable asset. We are proud to have them as teammates.
Scott Whitlock, Senior Associate Athletic Director , Kennesaw State University

As the former vice president of national sales for The Coca-Cola Company and currently the chairman of The Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award Foundation, lnc., I can say this new partnership focused on building leadership, integrity and brand management with college and professional sports is greatly needed. With scholarship, leadership, and integrity at the core of Bill Curry’s values, I know AIM Sports Reputation Management will be highly successful.
James H. Terry II, Chairman, Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award Foundation, Inc.

I remain so impressed by Coach Curry’s profound ability to articulate his thoughts into words and  to relate through analogy and example. He is truly enlightening.
Kristen Fischer,

AIM Sports Reputation Management sounds absolutely brilliant. Never at any time in the history of intercollegiate sports has it been more needed than now, and I commend your group for the effort to tackle this cancer. If it is not stopped now, it may be too late to save college sports and thousands of lives.
Homer Rice, Former NFL player, NCAA Coach & NCAA Athletic Director

Thank God for Coach Curry. I absolutely LOVE this man. I am an African-American woman, and I applaud Coach Curry for addressing the important but complicated issue of the racial divide in our country.
Mariame Kaba, Chicago, Illinois

It was clear that Bill Curry's words were not just things he had read or heard. They were his real life experiences. As he continued to share his thoughts on teamwork, I could literally feel a change come over the room.
Kareim R. Cade, Attendee, Colonial Leadership Conference

True "connection" with others takes abilities beyond our eyes, ears, and vocal chords!   It involves a deep understanding that caring, compassion, the willingness to bare one's weaknesses, and most importantly a willingness to open your heart to others.   All of these things I see in Bill Curry.
Chuck Newell, Director of Manufacturing, Leadership Training & Development, National Gypsum

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