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Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.       

Robert H. Schuller



As in building a winning team or organization, success begins with attention to the fundamentals.  Every game – no matter whom the opponent – is a chance for the team to move either forward or backward.  So, too, is every media interaction an opportunity for you either to continue to enhance your brand or, by miscalculation or inadvertence, to harm your brand.  This is especially true when the interaction relates to an ongoing “crisis” (i.e., any situation that might have an appreciable negative impact on public perception of your brand and that requires an immediate coordinated response).  A significant number of the reputational catastrophes that litter the sports landscape every news cycle might never have reached that critical point had they been properly addressed when they first arose.  AIM helps you chart the appropriate course and make the appropriate calls to contain and control these threats and to ensure that all changes to your reputation and brand perception are positive.  

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