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Character is much easier kept than recovered.

Thomas Paine



A team would never go into a game without having scouted the opposition, developed and implemented a game plan, and worked repeatedly on the execution of each play until perfected.  A good team realizes that every game has the potential to make or break a season.  The same is true for a sports organization’s media opportunities, every one of which represents a chance either to enhance the brand by a positive messaging or to cause serious reputational harm or controversy by inadvertent or ill-chosen comments.  AIM’s team members have been on both sides of the table – as media interviewer and sports interviewee – at every level of sports, in every category of media, and in virtually every possible situation, from the friendliest to the most confrontational.  Whether as a group or individually and with a scope and focus that you choose, your organization’s representatives will receive detailed media training tailored to their experience levels and expected roles.  AIM will help you ensure that, in every instance, every representative of your organization performs like a seasoned veteran in every public or media-related interaction. 

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