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The only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein



More so than any other area of business, the demand in the sports industry for immediate and unqualified success is itself immediate and unqualified.  Even for a young or first-time head coach, there is no grace period and no time for on-the-job training.  It is a reality that a coach is ultimately judged – and either rehired, retired, or fired – on the basis of the coach’s win-loss record and the manner in which the coach, his staff, and his players conduct themselves.  When Bill Curry took the once-storied Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets from back-to-back one-win seasons to a Top-20 ranking, he credited his coaching mentor – the legendary Bobby Dodd.  When the top job at a Big Ten university was thrust suddenly upon a sharp young assistant coach with no experience in the head role, Bill spent three days mirroring, advising, and mentoring the now successful and respected head coach.  If experience is the best teacher, then mentorship is the best accelerant.  Whether the mentee is coach, a player, an executive, or some other member of your organization, Bill’s five decades of experience will prove invaluable.

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